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> 20%

reduction of transaction costs

< 4

months from draft to functional application


faster to loan decision making

What was important to our customer

A German universal bank* wanted to accelerate its lending process and reduce transaction costs. Achieving transparency throughout the entire process was particularly important to the bank to be able to provide its customers with information on the status of a loan application at any time.

The solution

To increase efficiency, transparency, and quality in the creation of loan applications, a customized solution was implemented for the universal bank on the isfinancial banking platform. It supports all steps of the lending process from the front office to time-to-yes and archiving in the back office – for a paperless and completely digital processing workflow in the complex lending business with corporates and SMEs.

All experts work collaboratively in a digital workplace on incoming tasks. The system handles routine tasks and all processing is logged in a revision-proof manner, both technically and from a business perspective.

Find out all the details about implementing the digital loan application in our white paper 'Credit Management 4.0'.


*For reasons of data protection, the name of the financial institution has been anonymized.

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